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Facial feature placement Artists often find when they draw lines through the two views that the faces do not match up. Try this once for the sake of taking control over your own style. Use almond-shaped eyes with small, black pupils and irises, straight noses, and smallish mouths to suggest a mature face. Nostrils may be included. Thickening the eyebrows and adjusting the hairstyle results in a boy character.

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Enlarging the irises and giving the eyes a moderate downward slant produces a tomboy. ChildJen's faces do not protrude much, so keep the features relatively flat. Here, we have Child Faces a tiny button nose and no prominent bridge.

The differences between profiles lie primarily in the nose. Since the nose is used to Four Profile Types distinguish the character's age e.

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Both male and female characters share almost the same nose. The nose has virtually no bridge and is small and angular, comprising primarily straight lines. Iris In manga and ani me, the corner of the eye is often rendered unconnected. The most favored eye shape is. CD Draw the upper eyelid.

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Draw the lower eyelid. Draw a circle for the iris, almond.

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An eye! Assorted Shapes Eyelids The eye is the most important facial feature when drawing a character. Gives the character a sense of presence and projects an impression of his or her personality. In manga, the eye can be considered the most difficult as well as the Here, a single line was Here, multiple, sketchy most crucial feature. Here, the iris is small, only eyelid are touching.

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This is The iris occupies half or occupying less than half of suited to children and more of the total height. This is. Contour a large light reflection occupies light reflections. This eye sports an enormous Here, the entire iris has been Here, radiating strokes were used pupil, an oddly shaped iris, and rendered using sketchy strokes. Shading also defines spots of hatching, the lower eyelid. This basic, smallish iris has been Here is a squinted eye, where the The lower eyelid was omitted on drawn without light reflections.

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Instead, only light The eyelid's contour lines have Extra thick strokes were used for reflections were added to the iris. Minimal eyelashes Plain iris Relatively straight contour lines Drawing Steps - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Draw the pupil and eyelashes. The iris and lower eyelid are touching. Sketch in the iris. The basic layout-the eyelid is The completed under lowered, so draw the exposed area of drawing-light reflects off the iris the iris as if more covered than usual. Use Use small, delicate strokes Stress light and shadow by larger, plumper eyebrows and iris to build up the eyelid and iris.

The light reflections should likewise be larger. Do not draw the eyelashes individually but in clusters. This will produce a more pleasing image. Side Views and Gazing Upward. Follow the same drawing steps: I. Light reflections Adding delicate hatching to the corner of the upper eye produces n glistening, moist effect. Add triangular reflections.

Draw the Iris to finish. Do not define the outline of the Iris and light reflection too strongly, but simply sketch them lightly.

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  7. Il for the entire interior of the is solidly filled in, ris. The key is to sketch roughly using strokes that any light reflections. Build up the hatching Fill In with delicate build outward. Here is a rather realistic drawing. Radiating strokes were used for lhe iris and eyelids. Draw the iris and the pupil. There are Side reflections 2 basic types: those located centrally on the iris and those to the right or left.

    Adding a small reflection opposite a large reflection suggests 2 opposing light sources a small and large. The character is gazing off to the left from the viewer's perspective. The light reflection in the upper left of the iris creates this effect. Central reflections This is a light reflection drawn in almost the center of the iris. The gaze is directed left. Draw a large light reflection on the same side as the gaze is directed 48 i. While each individual eye appears natural, gaze directions do not match up. Adding large, circular light reflections results in a mismatched gaze.

    Mouths as a line This mouth was rendered using a single line plus a shadow formed underneath the lower lip. The key feature of this style, which Is the most popular mode for shonen manga, is that the lips have not been defined. Modifying the way the Using a realistic style fer shadow under the lip is rendered will Here, lip contour lines the profile would make change the mouth's look. Rather than opting for a monotonous single line for the whole mouth, here this line becomes an abbreviation of the upper lip.


    This is not a realistic drawing employing In the profile, since meticulous detail. Fleshy, voluminous mouths Here, we see a realistic depiction, emphasizing the lips' volume. The dimple above the Cupid's bow is suggested with a line. The dimple above the upper lip Is suggested using a short, downward curve.

    Lips in lipstick Clearly delineate the upper and lower lips' contours. Clearly defining the When drawing a profile, lips' contours allows keep U1e lower lip line you to emphasize that starting from U1e comer the lower lip Is of the mouth short, plumper than the cutting It off.

    The mouth style indicates age in female characters. Single line: young girl of lipstick: a young about 10 yrs.