The 5 Core Commitments

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The Second Commitment: Be Accountable for All the Consequences of Your Actions

All commitments made at WHS will be reflected in an online platform, to come. Open Menu.

The First Commitment: See the Systems You Are Part Of

A day in the life of Take five Expert's take In the words of Home News and events. We believe in the universal church, and seek to practice the kind of partnership in ministry that the true gospel creates.

Core Commitments - South Lanarkshire Council

Building and celebrating dynamic partnerships in mission with churches, church planters, mission-sending agencies, and missionaries is a vital component in fulfilling our vision for mission around the world. We do this through partnership with EPC World Outreach, and other approved organizations that share our core commitments. We believe that the church is the immediate goal of mission and the only divinely ordained instrument for the spread of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ around the world.

We are therefore deeply committed to the work of selecting, supporting, sponsoring, and sending church plants and church planters.

Initiatives and Core Commitments

As a church, the Lord has blessed us with rich personal, spiritual, and material resources, and we believe that part of our calling is to make use of those gifts wisely and in humility in service of the spread of the gospel. Under severe, albeit playful, provocation from his father, he began to respond, then calmly assessing the situation, changed his mind.

John Stott was entirely familiar with both these approaches to addressing differences of opinion which matter. Often for him it involved a long, patient process of painstaking study, honest dialogue and irenic bridge-building before sufficient ground was cleared for genuine cooperation. Sometimes, like my grandson, he had to just walk away.

Later, after working with him on many occasions, Peter became one of the leaders of the global Lausanne movement. The skilful diplomacy which John exercised at Lausanne could not have taken place had he held an entrenched position, but only by cooperating in a vigorous, shared process with those of equally strong convictions. Once again his brilliant mind, soaked in the study of scripture, allied with his unfailing graciousness, enabled connections to take place and relationships to develop which prevented many potential divisions in the church.

This ambitious tome addresses subjects as wide-ranging as global economics, social justice, human sexuality and the nuclear threat. With characteristic humility he acknowledged his hesitance to trespass in fields where he lacked expertise, and admitted to feeling both presumptuous and foolish in attempting the massive task of applying biblical revelation to complex contemporary issues.

He came close to abandoning the project altogether, knowing he was not a specialist in social ethics or moral theology. But yet again, many years of meeting and listening to experts on these topics, and driven by powerful convictions that all of life is in need of conversion if society itself is to be transformed, he displayed creative cooperation on a huge scale so that this book could become the valuable resource it is to Christians grappling with the complicated issues of our day.

This gift and grace of cooperation has been illustrated over and over again in the life of A Rocha. It was the largest gathering of Christian leaders in Lebanon for over 20 years.